Héritage, legs et luttes.


Héritage, legs et luttes.

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  • S-Ji

    What's in a name? What the name giver puts in there. Too much. His love, his ideals, his fears, the projection of a whole life already. The etymologists, themselves, serious and insensitive, agree on a meaning that we still have to give. In my name, there are all these letters to erase and then all these letters to rewrite. Me the named, I have my blood for ink and my dermis for parchment. The erasures are their inherited flaws. In a name there are the legacies and the struggles in addition. In my name are my struggles and their legacies to subtract. "Legacy and struggles. Photographic overlay: the surface of the frozen lake crackles the tender dermis of the child's cheek. Beneath the smooth and icy layer, torments inherited..."



Grimentz, Valais, Switzerland

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