Staircase to Heaven


Staircase to Heaven

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  • Yragael

    Marseille. Arriving from the station, leaving on the esplanade, and suddenly being seized. On either side of the monumental staircase the lions of Ary still seem to defend the city, but the opening is too wide, your two eyes are not enough. In the distance in the south on its hill Notre-Dame de la garde closes the view and watches. Further on the left the massif of the calanques closes the basin. It is time to go down, in front of you spins the Boulevard d'Athènes, lower down the Canebiere comes to cut the perspective; that's where you go. A few more steps, you enter the city. A bouquet of undefinable smells takes you, the colours mix, the noise of the city, a muffled rumble zebra of cries and flashes, saturating your ears. You are in Marseille. Translated with



Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

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