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  • streetandtravel

    When you travel, you often have the bad habit of not trying to meet people. Because we do not speak their language, or because there are surely other personal reasons. When I went to Costa Rica, I met some locals and discovered their kindness and benevolence. I stopped in a greasy spoon, to eat and taste the real local cuisine. Only client, I meet a couple of elderly owners of this greasy spoon. I start trying to talk to them because they looked adorable and very helpful. But, the Papito, he alone cleared out a certain shell. While he spoke to me and want to get acquainted. He can see that I was a tourist. It was hard to get a smile out of him even talking about happy things. J'ai tellement adoré son charisme que j'ai voulu lui tirer un portrait. Devant la caméra, la seul expression était celle-ci. Un regard très profond, qui en dit long. Il a pris la pose, très naturellement. Juste après ces clichés, sur sa chaise devant son restaurant, avec son air imposant et charismatique, il serre la mains aux passants, aux habitants, aux locaux qui passent devant lui. Car oui, c'est en faite lui de Papito, l'ancien qui a la classe.



Costa Rica

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