L'Agrocité á Les Agnettes

These pictures show the daily life of the civic agriculture hub L'Agrocité in the neighborhood of Les Agnettes, commune of Gennevilliers. It was created by the atelier d’architecture autogérée (aaa), a collective platform which conducts explorations, actions and research concerning urban mutations and cultural, social and political emerging practices. Moved away from Colombes in 2017, L'Agrocité has been living in Gennevilliers for a year. This self-managed urban farm located in the heart of the city of Agnettes offers for only € 20 to own its own parcel of land to cultivate 1 × 2.5m, without chemicals. The Agrocité extends over 220m² with 400m² of collective gardens and 400m² of individual plots. In one year, the project is already mobilizing more than 200 people who work in Agrocité's grocery store, including about 60 urban farmers. (See more: https://www.anousparis.fr/a-la-maison/les-4-villes-les-plus-vertes-dile-de-france/?fbclid=IwAR3hOnj7hVj1pCwUV3miS1_r56oZDNWNeu6qZ6gU47F3Krwb53ByzWIbcUE)

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