Appel depuis Mokkatam Mountain


Appel depuis Mokkatam Mountain

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  • MagaliChesnel

    The Mokattam Mountain is considered by Egyptians to be the only real "mountain" in Cairo. It is four or five hundred feet high and lays immediately to the east of the city. I had the chance to discover this beautiful location, just before sunset, thanks to Mona and Sheriff, who welcomed me in Cairo. The Mokattam Mountain is not listed in most of the travel guides, despite it is the best place to look down upon Cairo and to get a feel for this incredible city. From there, the layout of Cairo becomes clearer, magic, with its various avenues, old and contemporary areas, mosques and far off, on the right, we can even make out the Giza Pyramids. It is not surprising to understand why people go there to enjoy the view, the sunrise and sunset, like this man wearing a traditional cloth, calling from the mountain while enjoying the view at sunset. There are a number of small cafes along the corniche, where you can sit at a table or on big poufs and drink tea, coffee or cold drinks and smoke Shisha, with the traditional apple flavor. It is definitively a very peaceful, romantic place, where people can enjoy a little more privacy than one might ever find elsewhere in Cairo.



Al Shorouk, Cairo, Egypt

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