La récolte du sel
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  • MagaliChesnel

    am fascinated by the salt marshes.  By observing them from above, you can behold the spectacular designs of Mother Nature. The intricate patterns, the actions and reactions of the elements which all blend together to form a canvas which never faisl to impress.  Influenced and inspired by Rothko’s principles: relying on the primacy of raw emotion, to push the boundaries of form and color. The aim is to display nature’s canvas in all it’s glory, creating a confusion in the eye of the beholder, marveling in their "painting-like” form.  The photos create a confusion between reality and illusion, photography and painting. My series of aerial photos portray the salt harvesting process in all its simplicity and rawness.More than 15,000 tons of salt will be harvested in a few weeks during the Summer time for the production of road salt. Also, we can see here, some 200 tons being harvested for human consumption and a further 30 tons to be sold as ‘Fleur de sel’.  Photo taken with my drone above the salt marsh of Gruissan, in September 2019.



Gruissan, Aude, France

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