La nage revigorante


La nage revigorante

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  • MagaliChesnel

    In Saint Pol de Léon - Finistère Nord / France, you can swim all year round. Often retirees meet at the Sainte Anne beach to walk or swim in the Manche.   The therapeutic effects of the water there are many; to improve circulation and drainage, eliminate toxins and also aids to counter water retention.The temperature of the water varies between 18 and 11°C. It is strongly recommended not to have a shower after this immersion in the iodine rich waters, in order to let the healing benefits work their magic and penetrate deeply into the skin.  This aerial photo depicts a courageous retired woman languidly swimming alone, near two swimming pools, whose water is constantly changed twice a day, thanks to the tides.



Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Finistère, France

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