Life above still life


Life above still life

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  • MagaliChesnel

    Beyond the fact that the salt marshes of Guérande are a fascinating site, observing them from above allow us to better understand all the works done since centuries and to make exceptional discoveries in this fragile wetland. When I am observing a landscape from above, I think of a way to entice the viewer's eye into the picture, with some realism, while getting a slightly more abstract photo to be produced. Another beauty emerges when you have a bigger vision of the Earth from above, especially with its stark colors and raw beauty. It allows you to look deep into Nature, to better understand what is going on from another perspective. Here, birds are giving the scale and bringing life to the photos, in asymmetric landscapes worthy of still life. This is "Life above still life".



Guérande, Loire-Atlantique, France

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