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  • Julia Gat

    "(...) There is an adventurous quality to the subjects in the works of Julia Gat, as they move through the landscape with an inquisitive drive. The lush colors of the landscape, the softness of the light, and the intimate nature of the portraits embrace this sense of wonder, leaving behind “objective”, dialectical images in favor of emotion and subjective experience. In documenting the exciting and magical experience of childhood, Gat has embraced the aesthetic of her subject, rather than that of the observer." - Henry Amistadi, The Future Is Now 2015 This picture is part of the project SARA, an ongoing exploration started in 2010 about childhood and the passage to adolescence. Through immersion in the daily life of her friends and siblings, Julia highlights their relationships with others and surroundings, seeking to capture the playful ambiance of these children’s lifestyle. SARA moves beyond the documentary to develop a daydream-like universe that constitutes a study of the very nature of children, their constant wonder and captivating freedom, and draws on the photographer own experience of childhood.



Bordeaux, Gironde, France


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