Created in Brest in 1996 by a group of photographers Brest, the Atlantic Center of Photography (CAP) has a mission to develop creative photography exhibition by a policy, mediation and teaching image, photographers homes and help with editing. The CAP organizes five to six exhibitions each season in the gallery of Quartz - Brest national scene, an area of 250 m² has 90 linear meters of hanging. The CAP Town produced or co exhibitions with many partners in photography and image. The CAP offers guided tours open to all and special tours for groups and classes of all levels. The CAP frames, upon request, photographic workshops in schools and colleges in the region. Shooting resources, the center disseminates the exhibition materials (frames, mat ...) and sets up an electronic newsletter. By the diversity of its activities, The CAP is a major photographic center in Brittany. The Atlantic Centre of Photography receives support from the City of Brest, the Finistère General Council, the Regional Council of Brittany, the Ministry of Culture and Communication (DRAC Britain) and the Quartz – National scene of Brest. The CAP is a member of the Contemporary Art network in Brittany and the Diagonal network.


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