Studio Harcourt

“In France, one is not an actor if one has not had one’s picture taken by the Harcourt Studios” asserts Roland Barthes in Mythologies, 1957. Studio Harcourt Paris has a history that has been part of the collective unconscious for more than 80 years. Created in 1934 by an exceptional woman, Cosette Harcourt, the Lacroix brothers, press magnates, and Nina Ricci’s son, it draws its inspiration in the glamorous roots of the black and white cinema and rapidly becomes the place to be for celebrities. True visual memory of the 20th century, Studio Harcourt Paris still creates portraits of anonymous and celebrities. “Haute-couture” portrait, the photographer such as an artist creates a unique image, emotional and timeless. Each portrait reveals as story, skilful alchemy between light and shadow. Light ennobles the sacred pledge of eternity, shadows sublimate the secrets of the unconscious.


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