The Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts

Inherited from the generosity and spirit of discovery of its founder Émile Guimet, and from the exceptional scientific contributions of researchers and archaeologists throughout the 20th Century (Louis Delaporte, Paul Pelliot, Maria and Joseph Hackin, Edouard Chavannes), the MNAAG offers a complete journey through the arts, civilisations and cultures of Asia. The MNAAG expands on three sites: the main museum, place d’Iéna, the Hôtel d’Heidelbach, with the collections of Chinese furniture and the traditional Japanese tea house, and the Museum d’Ennery, an open window on Japonism at the end of the 19th Century. Loyal to its missions of research and transmission of knowledge, the MNAAG offers a rich and wide program, with several exhibitions every year, including contemporary art and photography, an ambitious acquisition policy, events beyond its walls, and an artistic and cultural program open on all aspects of Asian culture and creation.


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