Diaphane, a photographic center in Hauts-de-France, aims to present the diversity of the photographic image, on all scales of the territory. Its project is fueled by: - support for creation during research residencies and production stays, - the realization of regular exhibition routes, - a mediation offer that includes reading and practice time, - the organization of an annual highlight, "Les Photaumnales", a festival which brings together a set of unique exhibitions around a theme. Diaphane has a particular interest in supporting young photographers, a responsible attention to the transversality of projects, the pooling of resources and energies, and enjoys deploying its actions from local to international ... The Diaphane house in Clermont-de-Oise hosts the team of the photographic pole, a resource center and an exhibition space for young photographers. The exhibition program is also being built, in a nomadic but nonetheless regular way, by the provision of spaces by various partner venues. In parallel with the photographic pole, Diaphane has set up a publishing house.


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