Organized by the Agglomeration Creil Sud Oise under the artistic direction of Diaphane, a photographic center in Picardy, this event makes it possible to question the memory of companies and to highlight the work of men, through a route of outdoor exhibitions. Can we represent the work? Do we keep traces of those moments spent at work in our personal albums? Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, companies have built through photography an ideology to magnify technical progress and social ascent as the only personal fulfillment. Did they constitute a memory for this? The modernization of the production tool and automation have made the figure of the worker disappear from companies. The disappearance of the worker from the field of photography is metaphorical of the economic concept which wants immediate profitability through a reduction in production and labor costs. Easy-to-substitute men with no identity. More representation of work, more workers, for increased profit. Photographers therefore have a responsibility in the production of images and in the ideology that they accept or not to serve. Putting the exhibitions of this biennial into perspective will raise questions and make us think about the role of images in the establishment of a media ideology.


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