La Fab.

Stylist, philanthropist and art collector agnès b. has promoted artistic creation under all its forms, the environment and solidarity for many years. “La Fab.” aims at bringing all these activities together under one single roof. Launched on February 1st, 2020, La Fab. presented a first exhibition entitled “La hardiesse” (The boldness), which agnès, as a galerist since 1983, curated with the help of the historical team of galerie du jour. La Fab. also includes “la galerie du jour”, which becomes a kind of house where everything is for sale: paintings, sculptures, photographs, some furniture … agnès finds herself “ensemblière” as she likes to say. “La librairie du jour” is a bookstore where publishers are invited to contribute to the selection and presentation of works on display. A program of signing, conferences and artist meetings is organized on a regular basis within the bookshop. Le point d’ironie is distributed here. Finally, La Fab. spotlights the social and humanitarian actions supported by fonds de dotation agnès b., as well as agnès’s environmental activism, carried out among others by Fondation Tara Océan.


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