Vannes Photo Festival

As part of its shift to the biennial rhythm, Patric Clanet's artistic project aims to do things differently by building on existing heritage. Its main objectives are to strengthen the Festival's anchoring in the region while accentuating its regional and national influence. The theme "Photo and the sea" is no longer its figurehead but will be approached in a more inclusive manner. No photographic style will be privileged and its program will remain open to all forms of creation and exhibition of contemporary photography. The identity of Vannes Photos Festival will be affirmed around four axes that will interact and grow over time. The choice of one of the central themes will be determined by a "citizens' committee" linked to the territory and open to major societal issues; approach inspired by the "New Sponsors" protocol in line with the implementation of cultural rights. From this theme, a dialogue will begin and I will offer exhibitions by French artist photographers who, to their way, will bring their enlightenment. In this context, the historic partnership with associations and clubs of Vannes photographers will continue and grow. A collective of young Breton photographers will be invited and a national competition will be launched around this citizen theme. In view of its maritime openness to the Atlantic, Vannes Photos Festival will focus on the photographic creation of a South American country. In 2022 Peru will be the guest of honor. This exploration will be done from three angles. Heritage photography; by presenting the works of an author who has marked the history of photography in this country. Contemporary creation; by exhibiting an artist representative of the national scene. The emerging generation; through an evening / screening which will present a panorama. The "RHIZOME" theme will take place for the three years to come within the Kiosk space and will question the links between humans and other species not human. The visual artists who will be invited to us will help to see differently by preparing our eyes to meet the living in order to question ourselves on what dynamic connaturality means today between humans and their environment. A space for meetings and dialogue dedicated to photographic criticism will be set up in 2022 because “learning to see is within everyone's reach”. Four French photography critics will be invited to dialogue with the artists present in a place open to the general public in the form of "Cafés des images". Friendliness and interaction with the public will be at the center of this educational project. The various existing mediation and facilitation systems will be maintained and developed. Partnerships with other regional festivals and photographic centers will be strengthened. The participation and involvement of a greater number of people as well as the development of a friendly and warm atmosphere during and around the Festival are at the heart of the project.


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