Vannes Photo Festival

Vannes Photo Festival inaugurates its third edition, under the aegis of Dominique Leroux. The year 2000 is 20 years old… Beyond the cape, it’s a whole concept imbued with a strong imagination that it conveyed. He was expected to be rich in discoveries, technological developments, and indisputable human progress. 20 years later, although new technologies have spread in our daily lives, flying cars have not invaded our streets. The revolution would not have been the one imagined and it was the climate emergency that made the headlines. Should we be pessimistic so far? At the end of this twentieth anniversary, do we not feel the dawn of many ecological and societal awareness-raising events? Through this selection, the festival intends to draw up an inventory of the world, not exhaustive and totally subjective. It aims to be both realistic, but also incisive, and sometimes unexpected. The photographers question the link to a territory, to a community, ecological concern, or even the place of new technologies and scientific advances in our daily lives. The inexpressible rubs shoulders with hope, darkness meets poetry and nature takes back its rights ...


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