Le Bec en l'air

Created in 1999, Le Bec en l'air is an independent publisher based in Marseille. Most of the time, our publications have one thing in common: the dialogue between image and text, between photography and narrative, through a studied layout and author photographs. Over the years, the catalogue has been enriched with a variety of photographic writings that have nevertheless found editorial coherence: photography as a tool for questioning the contemporary world, whether it is a question of documentary, aesthetic or intimist concerns. Renowned or emerging photographers meet here, without excluding style or artistic sensitivity. The catalogue, composed of more than 170 titles, has been distributed in France and Belgium by Harmonia Mundi Livre since 2007; in Switzerland by Zoé and in French-speaking Canada by Dimédia. They refuse the label of "regionalist publisher" but they see themselves as an independent publisher, open to the world. This is reflected in several co-publications with foreign publishers (Algeria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mali, United Kingdom...) and their participation in numerous book fairs in France and abroad. Le Bec en l'air is a member of the "Éditeurs du Sud" association, which brings together about fifteen independent publishers from the PACA region in France and a member of the Photobook Social Club, which brings together French independent photo book publishers.


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