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A global collective of artists and storytellers Magnum Photos is the world's longest standing artists' cooperative. Rooted in long-form documentary practice, for over 70 years, Magnum and its artists have documented world events, pushed the boundaries of visual language, and fostered photographic dialogues. With offices in London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo, Magnum Photos hosts an archive of over 1,000,000 images, develops collaborative projects with media, NGOs and brands, organizes exhibitions globally, and publishes stories that matter to its growing audience of over 5 million. Magnum Photos is committed to making quality education accessible and affordable to the next generation of visual storytellers from across the globe. As a microcosm of the photographic industry and with some 70 years of experience, Magnum Photos provides photographers at different stages in their careers with truly unique educational and professional development opportunities. Activities offer practical, technical and theoretical training to help participants develop their own visual language and the skills required to compete in photography’s ever-changing marketplace. Magnum’s latest offering is the new online learning platform, Magnum Learn. The first course, The Art of Street Photography, brings together seven world-class photographers - Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Susan Meiselas, Peter van Agtmael, Richard Kalvar, Carolyn Drake and Mark Power - plus industry experts, to share their collective insight and experience to help you improve your practice.


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