Big Moustache

Big Moustache is a French brand with a distinctive concept, a new barbershop in the heart of Paris dedicated to hairy people and a mobile barbershop that travels to events and companies. At the initiative of the project, the young entrepreneur Nicolas Gueugnier, created Big Moustache after realizing that he used every day the Gillette razor offered by the brand at his University. He then considered that male perfection had its limits. Because with his very French spirit of contradiction, he wanted everything without compromise: quality without the exorbitant price, service to the home, advice but not boring, and all this tailor-made! Today composed of 5 barbers and 8 people in communication and web, the start-up focuses its energy to always better serve people with good products and services. Whatever the type of hair: bearded, mustached or shaved close up.... All are welcome.


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