Via Aeterna

Make old stones sing, make them live their spiritual history again thanks to music, that is the duty given to Via Aeterna. Via Aeterna was inaugurated in 2017, in the splendid Bay de Mont-Saint-Michel, and in the Merveille of the Mont, where so many pilgrims through the ages... Music and spirituality assemble people beyond differences. By the way, that is what Via Aeterna just experimented with a similar Festival in Nara, Japan.In this place, as well as in the Bay de Mont-Saint-Michel, needs for harmony, meaning, and sharing are wholeheartedly felt... The first festival, in September 2017, in the Manche department, was meant to answer these expectations, ans its success has been recognised by all the participants. The second Festival, that will happen from September 20th to 23rd 2018, is again full of wonders for everyone, no matter who one is... Enlivened by the subject of peace, the festival will be a celebration of musics from numerous and varied backgrounds.


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