Nordic Light

Meet the Masters of Photography in Kristiansund, Norway  During the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, world-renowned legends of photography, aspiring photographers, photography students and others interested in photography, art & culture, gather in the small yet charming coastal city of Kristiansund – united by the common passion for photography. The festival program presents lectures, exhibitions, gallery talks, book signings, workshops, portfolio reviews, breakfast movies … Every year we invite around 20 guest photographers to lecture and/or exhibit at our festival. The lectures are filled with first class storytelling, though without technical details. Artistic Director of the festival is the Norwegian photographer Morten Krogvold, who plays a central role in making our festival internationally acclaimed.  Nordic Light have had the pleasure of having master photographers such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, James Nachtwey, William Klein, Mona Kuhn, Greg Gorman, Sarah Moon, Knut Bry and John Swannell. Our intimate and amazing location facilitates unique meetings between the legendary photographers and the festival spectators. At our festival you can meet the stars in the photography world, face-to-face at exhibitions, lectures or even in the festival pub. But Nordic Light is also not only attractive to people in the photography business or people interested in photography. Nordic Light is pretty much about the eye opening meetings between people; between artists and audience, between amateurs and professionals. It’s about exchanging stories and experiences. And all of this surrounded by the beautiful blue light of the Atlantic Ocean.  Nordic Light 2018: 25-29 April in Kristiansund, Norway.  Photographers in attendance: Andres Serrano, Joyce Tenneson, Olivia Parker, Steve Pyke, Joey L,. Roger Ballen & Asger Carlsen, Massimo Leardini, Linda Connor, Akseli Valmunen, Andrea Gjestvang, Pål Laukli and many  more. 


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