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In Russia, a writer, it is a fate. A Writer is by definition a dissident. Tolstoy was excommunicated, Dostoïevski sentenced to death and pardoned just after the beating of the drum, Gogol was buried alive, Soljenitsyne, Pasternak, Boulgakov, they are legions, these devils of the beautiful letters. The thaw, which allows from time to time to publish officially these dissidents, never lasts in Russia. You should not be a prophet to guess that the door closes again. Created in 2015 in Paris, Louison Editions is a publishing house dedicated to the modern and independent Russian literature. Its mission is to publish free authors, high-quality disruptive works literary, which each translate a vision of the world. Very soon, some people will become the spokesmen of big imperial Russia, others will be asked to leave the territory, others else will be ravenous and will write masterpieces which we shall read only after their death. To be a writer in Russia, it is to sell the soul or to die on the stake of its books.


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