La Librairie du Globe

The Globe is a bookstore specializing in Russian books. It is intended to reflect the bubbling and editorial diversity of Russia or Russia. You can buy books in Russian and French languages ??(translations of Russian literature), but also books on Russia, language methods, dictionaries and periodicals, DVDs with subtitles (or not), CDs and audio books. The store offers a large selection of books in Russian. These are works of classical, contemporary, foreign Russian literature as well as works for children and the general public. We also offer encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides, history books, philosophy, sociology, psychology, religion, esoteric, art, culture as well as memoirs, biographies and diaries, books devoted to medicine, sport, teaching, home, housing or leisure. The bookshop hosts various events and activities for adults and children as well as quality cultural programming on the theme of Russia and Russian culture.


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