Tribute to the energy sobriety of the bicycle!

In an article published in the newspaper Le Monde on 4 March 2023, Olivier Schneider (Fédération des usagers de la bicyclette) and Jean-Marc Jancovici (The Shift Project) believe that France - which is at the bottom of the league in terms of investment in cycling policies at the European level - must do more for the bicycle. Most of our daily mobility is carried out in a motorised vehicle weighing a tonne or more, usually occupied by a single person. With a car, electric or not, 90% of the energy is used to move the vehicle, whereas with a bicycle, only 85% of the energy is needed! The explanation is simple: a bicycle is a hundred times lighter than a car! The same goes for its battery if it is electric. Its manufacture is therefore also significantly more economical in terms of materials and energy. This week's album gives a nod to the embodiment of sobriety in everyday travel, namely the bicycle.

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